Weekly Readings and Reviews

Due before Tuesday-class each week starting Feb 6th, 2024. Discussion leaders are exempt from this assignment on the week they are presenting.

This course is reading a writing intensive. We are surveying many methods. The review of readings is due by 9am on Tuesday before class. The review should be 200-300 words (less than one page) on the readings assigned for that week.

Here is what your review should look like: You should answer each of these questions for each paper.

  • How do the authors formulate their question? (quote the research question from the paper)
  • What is the way of knowing? 
    • What is the evidence – what are the things that count as evidence (observation, measurement, pictures, …)?
    • What is the design for their evidence collection?
    • How do they collect their evidence?
    • What sorts of instruments do they use (including things like surveys and other data collecting tools)?
  • What is the method of knowing? 
    • What type of analysis do they do? (statistics or other formal analysis done on the data)
    • Reflection on what this method allows the researcher to conclude. What is induced? What is left out?
    • How might a method/approach from a different paradigm address the same problem?
  • What cares? Who do the authors say should care? Who do you think would read this? 

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